Convenience Stores

Stock control for convenience stores

Convenience stores have particular requirements when it comes to stock control and we understand those requirements. The long hours you open, and your need to always be available for customers as a vital local business means you need a stock take done quickly and efficiently, at a time that suits you and your customers.

That’s where we can help. Our many years’ of experience allows us to carry out your stock take quickly and efficiently, causing minimum disruption for your business, your staff, and importantly, your customers.

Convenience store stock control services

Using industry-recognised discounts, all stock is counted at retail price and converted to cost price on the day of the stock count.

Accounting documentation is provided and an audit trail is used to ensure all your locations are accounted for.

A random date check is also carried out and a certificate is provided on the day of the stock count.

We come fully equipped but if you prefer, we can use your equipment, allowing you to update, upload and download information on your systems on the day of the stock count.

Data-based counts

Utilising your price file our IT specialist can provide you with a data-based system, allowing all your stock to be scanned.

We can supply you with a detailed print-out for every location, and a view of your total stock position, ensuring all stock is accounted for and checked against the audit trail.

We also provide files that allow you to update your office system, as well as provide a certificate once all your retail stock has been converted to cost price.